parkrun Challenge

The parkrun Challenge is the 2nd of the High Sheriff’s Sporting Challenges.  Started in 2004, parkrun is a really simple but healthily addictive event which started in Bushy Park, London.  There are now over 500 parkrun events in the UK and more throughout the globe.

They take place every Saturday morning at 0900 and involves a 5km (3 mile) run/jog/walk on a marked course which is timed.  There are now 6 parkrun events in Oxfordshire at Oxford (Cuttelsowe Park), Oxford ( Harcourt Hill), Banbury, Bicester, Abingdon, Didcot and newly started one in Witney.  Each event gets several hundred parkrunners attending.

It is a warm and welcoming event run entirely by volunteers and runners and walkers of all abilities participate.  There is usually a coffee shop nearby where people socialise afterwards.  After the event you will receive a text and email with your time. You can track your results on the web site and see if you can improve on your PB (personal best) time, although most people just enjoy the run  You receive a free t shirt having complete 25/ 100 and 250 parkruns!

Richard Venables says ‘I ‘love’ parkrun!  I started in 2013 and have now done 92 in total so not far until i get my ‘100’ t-shirt.  It is a brilliant way to start the weekend and incredible this is entirely volunteer led and free of charge.  I want to spread this ‘love’ and get as many people as possible to join in whilst adding a bit of a competitive edge’.

The High Sheriff ‘parkrun’ Challenge

The High Sheriff parkrun Challenge is a 14 week programme to encourage as many staff as possible to participate in parkrun events over this time period starting from Saturday 14th April to Saturday 7th July.

  • This Challenge is about competitive fun.
  • Each corporate challenger will be a team.
  • Team members can participate in any parkrun event.
  • There will be a point system based on the number of team member participating each week (we will do a weighted average as challenger companies vary in size)/ the number of personal best (PB’s) scored/  extra points scored if team members volunteer to help assist with a parkrun event.
  • Each week we can record the participation and will send out an update.  These scores will be added towards the Oxlympics event on the 13th July.


To participate in parkrun you need to register.

If you haven’t registered for parkrun before please follow the instructions below.

Click here to REGISTER .  On this page, scroll down and click on the flags and this will take you to the registration form. When you get to the part which says ‘Running Club Optional’, click on the drop down box and scroll down to ‘High Sheriff of Oxon Challenge’ and you will see each company is listed.  Please select your company name as your team.  Once the form is completed you need to follow the instructions to print out your unique bar code.  You need to take this with you when you attend a parkrun event so that your time is recorded.

If you have registered for parkrun before please follow the instructions below.

Click here to SIGN IN to the parkrun website and edit your details by using you unique bar code number and password (you can be sent a new password if you have forgotten this).  Click on ‘UPDATE’ and then select ‘Running Club Optional’, click on the drop down box and scroll down to ‘High Sheriff of Oxon Challenge’ and you will see each company is listed. Please select your company name as your team.


Here is the link to the OXFORD parkrun at Cuttleslowe Park. This page will give you any additional information you need and give links to all the other parkruns in the area.

Please remember this is about taking part and enjoying yourself.  Don’t feel intimidated as there are runners and walkers of all ages and standards.  No one will judge you.  If you are trying running for the first time then perhaps you might want to consider the ‘Couch to 5k programme’ which you may find helpful.  We’d also love to hear your stories and experiences so do share them. And don’t forget children are welcome, as are dogs on a lead, so why not make this a family affair.